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How do I file a ticket with customer support?

Archana Kulshrestha January 21, 2010

Before filing a ticket with SlideShare, you should always check out the forum and FAQ guides, as they may contain the answer to your question or issue. If you are still unable to find your answer, you can always file a ticket with us.

Please provide as much detail as possible. More details will help us in resolving the issue more quickly. See below for a suggested file format:

  1. Provide a title that properly reflects your issue.
  2. Clearly state your problem.
  3. Provide the exact steps needed to reproduce the issue on our end.
  4. Include your SlideShare Profile URL, username, operating system, and browser that you are using.

This information will better help our developers understand, reproduce, and resolve the issue.

Below is a screenshot of where the link to submit a ticket is located when visiting this help guide (help.slideshare.com).

Once you click on the link, you will be brought to a page where you can enter in details about the issue you are facing, or your question concerning SlideShare.

Here is an example of an issue and what information you would include in a ticket:

Title of ticket:

I am having trouble uploading a document to my SlideShare account.

Describe your problem in detail:

After selecting a file and uploading, the file upload does not happen.

Steps that I took:

  • Log in to account
  • Clicked on the 'Upload' button
  • Click on ‘Browse and Select File’

URL where issue occurred:

SlideShare URL: http://www.slideshare.net/rashmi

SlideShare Username: rashmi

Operating System: MacOSX

Browser: Safari 7

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