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Why am I getting an error when uploading my video to SlideShare?

Amit Ranjan May 4, 2010

Video conversion errors could happen for a variety of reasons. Possible causes for this could be:

    • The codec for your video may not be supported. Check list of supported codecs here
    • A temporary server problem may have caused this. Try uploading again after 15 minutes
    • If file is greater than 500 MB (max size), it will not convert
    • If file is digitally protected or encrypted, conversion will fail


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Thanks for this video feature, first of all, it makes so much sense to have videos beside presentations, on the same profile page. I've succesfully uploaded a video and it loads perfectly on slideshare, but embedding it gives a Oops message =o( Any idea how to solve this? 

September 11, 2010, 12:35 AM
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