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What are the best practices for lead generation?

Amit Ranjan April 7, 2011

 Here are some best practices for getting the most out of SlideShare's lead generation service, LeadShare


Offer something specific and measurable in your lead form.

  • Lead forms with specific offers perform far better than generic ones - "... we'll get back within 24 hrs"  (specific)
  • Forms assuring users of responsible behavior perform better - "... No Spam! Thats' a promise"  (assuring)
  • Examples of best performing offers on LeadShare - "... we'll give you a 30 day free trial"  (measurable)

Give your lead presentations (or documents, videos) a strong title.

  • Make an inviting and unique title.
  • A strong title increases CTR by 10% (on a standalone basis).
  • Use relevant keywords, but try to keep the title short.

Make your first slide/page REALLY impressive.

  • The first slide is your thumbnail, so use big fonts and clear images.
  • A striking first slide increases CTR by 15% (on a standalone basis).

Adopt an experimental approach

  • If one approach/layout doesn't work, try another until you find a process that works for you.
  • Try different combinations of messages, offer text, questions in your campaign.
  • Change, fine tune and optimize till your maximum ROI.

How do you increase the quality of leads you are collecting?

Quality of leads you collect is influenced by your lead campaign settings. Look up these options under the Advanced Options section of the lead form.

  • If your leads are coming from an irrelevant country, change your geography targeting.
  • Try turning off leads on file downloads, sometimes file downloading gives lower quality leads.
  • If you are using content blocking, this may lower lead quality. Change the form from mandatory to optional.
  • Putting the lead form in the middle of the presentation disrupts users leading to lower quality leads. Try moving the form to the end.

Maximum LeadShare ROI with well-crafted presentations 

  • Get started on LeadShare with your existing presentations, PDFs etc.
  • Follow up with high quality presentations that are specially designed for LeadShare (for maximum ROI).
  • SlideShare has the world's best presentation designers. Hire someone by searching here

How to maximize your content for LeadShare

  • High quality content is key.
  • Give proper titles, description, transcripts to drive SEO traffic from the web to your content.
  • Use proper tags and categories to help with internal discovery for tag/category/search pages.


Read through this presentation, made by one of our users to see how you can use your content to drive business results. This ties in closely with the basic premise behind LeadShare.

You know you need to create content, but what does that really mean?

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