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How does LeadShare compare to whitepapers and webinars?

Amit Ranjan April 7, 2011

Why LeadShare is better than whitepapers?

    • LeadShare is self-service (DIY). You do not need a whitepaper vendor.
    • Leadshare lets you capture email addresses, phone, or ask more details.
    • Target people worldwide or in one country.
    • Whitepaper leads can cost up to $100, LeadShare starts at a much lower price.
    • No commitment required, start or stop at anytime.


Why LeadShare is better than webinars?

    • You get additional features with LeadShare at a low rate, webinars cost $1000 to $15,000 to setup and start.
    • You can reuse slides from a webinar.
    • Your leads are qualified as users opt-in to know about your product/service.
    • SlideShare content gets traffic from viral sharing and search engines, lowering marketing costs.


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