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Why does my upload fail?

Shivani Ramnath September 21, 2011

Case 1: If your file is taking too long to upload or failed to upload:

The time it takes to upload a file depends on a few factors:

  • The file size
  • Your internet speed
  • Status of our servers

Sometimes there is a long queue for uploads and it could affect the upload time. If it takes more than 40 minutes, it is likely that there was an issue uploading your file and you should try uploading your file again.


Case 2: The file uploaded, but failed in conversion:

  • It is possible that our conversion process is facing some temporary issue.  Try waiting 15-20 minutes and then uploading the file again.
  • Check if your file is password protected, encrypted or contains macros. These can cause issues with our conversion process. If you do have any of these things in your file, remove them and try uploading again.
  • If you were uploading a 'raw' file (ppt, pptx, odp, etc), you can also try saving the file as a PDF and try uploading this. Since PDF's are less complex, they will convert more quickly and without error. 


Case 3: The file uploaded, but is continuing to show "Work in Progress" for a long time:

When a file is displayed as a "Work in Progress," we will still attempt to convert the file. If it still fails to convert after several hours, we advise uploading the file a second time. This might get converted more quickly since there may have been previous issues on our end that caused your first upload to become stuck.

If you still face issues after taking these steps, please file a ticket and we will gladly assist you further.


Case 4: Upload and conversion are fine, but converted file is not perfect (garbled text, red boxes, wrong fonts, distorted images, etc.):

Sometimes our conversion algorithm has difficulty with converting complex images, clip art, graphics, background, or templates. Removing these items or reducing the complexity of your file may solve the issue. If you were uploading a raw file (ppt, pptx, odp, etc.) try either embedding your fonts, or converting the file into a PDF and uploading it again. You can also try using online services such as Zamzar to flatten and convert your file to a PDF.


Case 5: I can not upload any files to SlideShare/ I do not see the upload tools.

  • Your version of Adobe Flash may be outdated. Please visit http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ to download the latest version of Flash.

    When Flash is up to date, the upload page should look like this:



             If this still does not work, you may want to use another browser to see if you are encountering a browser-specific issue.


If you are only facing issues with your fonts in your file, please visit this link for help. 

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