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How do I set up a content box?

Benjamin Woodard
posted this on July 27, 2012, 3:50 PM

Update: Content boxes features has been discontinued. 

Content Boxes were a premium feature available to PRO Platinum users at an additional cost. If you are a current PRO Platinum user and need help with adding Content boxes to your account, please 

Content Boxes on SlideShare allow you to add custom HTML code make widgets that will appear on your profile. The only constraint is that the Content Box must fit into either the Sidebar (300px width) or Main Column. 

To create a Content Box, please follow these steps: 

1. Log into your account

2. Visit your PRO dashboard and select Profile Page Settings.

3. Click on the tab labeled Content Boxes.

4. Enter in a title for your content box and place your HTML code in the box below. In this example, you can get the Company Insider Plugin from LinkedIn by looking up a company name and copying the HTML code.


5. Select which panel this box will appear in (the right panel is where your your SlideShelf, the left panel is where your user information is), and click on Add or Edit to save your content box. Once it has been successfully added, it should look like this: 

6. Next, click on the Modules tab

7. Find your content box under the Modules you can add option and click on the plus icon. You can drag and drop it to the desired order and click Save.

Please note for RSS widgets: If you are adding in an RSS feed as a Content Box, make sure to add the feed's URL into square brackets 

What are some common content boxes?

Some common codes for content boxes are as follows:





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