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What is the SlideShare PRO account program? What premium features do I get if I upgrade to PRO?

Pranav Bhatnagar
posted this on August 18, 2010 08:57 AM

Update: We are working on some changes to SlideShare PRO offerings and are currently not accepting new PRO sign-ups. 


SlideShare PRO accounts are for users who want to get more out their SlideShare content. They can upgrade to a paid account and get premium features as follows:

  • Private Uploads: Keep your uploads private, or share only with your contacts. Password protect your uploads, or use the secret URL for sharing
  • Analytics Dashboard: Analytics gives you detailed statistics for your content — where it is embedded, which countries your viewers are from, the source of your referral traffic, and more
  • Branding: Make your SlideShare channel an extension of your brand. Get a custom look and feel for your channel
  • Lead Collection: Collect business leads with your presentations, webinars, videos, documents, and more. Your users can get in touch with you using lead forms that appear on your SlideShares. You will receive an email when someone fills out your form
  • Tag Subscriptions: You can build content collections (your content, or content uploaded by other users) on any topic and decide how you want to show it on your channel. * available under Gold and Platinum plans only.
  • PRO Badge: So everyone can see that you are a SlideShare PRO user
  • Upload Professional Videos : Upload professional videos, including conference talks, product demos, advertising clips and more. HD support is coming soon. Upload limits depend on the account type 
    • Silver PRO Account : 10 videos per month, max upload size 500 MB for each video
    • Gold PRO Account : 20 videos per month, max upload size 500 MB for each video

Please note that the above features may vary depending on the plan type. To confirm the features for each plan type, please refer to the plans page.

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