FAQs/Manage Leads on SlideShare

How do the monthly lead limits work?

Amit Ranjan January 28, 2011

Each SlideShare PRO account receives a different number of leads per month:

  • Silver accounts get 30 leads per month
  • Gold accounts get 75 leads per month

Lead collection will stop once you reach the monthly limit. This will resume when the next monthly cycle begins or if you upgrade your plan.


Does SlideShare guarantee these leads every month?

SlideShare does not guarantee that you will collect the maximum lead limit for your account. It means you can collect a maximum of 30 or 75 leads per month (depending on your PRO plan). LeadShare campaigns will automatically stop if you cross your monthly limit. The lead campaigns will resume once the monthly billing cycle changes or if you upgrade your plan.

If I do not collect the maximum leads allowed for the month, does the balance get carried over to the next month?

The unused leads from the prior month will get carried over to the next month and shall not lapse. 

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