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How does SlideShare categorize uploaded files into presentations, documents, and infographics?

Amit Ranjan November 10, 2009

Files are classified as a presentation, document, or infographic based on the following:

  1. If a file has a higher width than height (like the 4:3 aspect ratio of a presentation slide), we will categorize it as a presentation
  2. If the file has a higher height than width (like a standard A4 document), we will categorize it as a document 
  3. If the file is twice as high as it is wide, we will categorize it as an infographic

Sometimes, a ppt or pptx file can also end up in a document format if it is not in a standard presentation format. For instance, if you created a PDF from your presentation and activated the "Notes pages" mode, this file would have the shape/size of a document. If you upload this to SlideShare, our converter will register this as a document. If you do not want this, just generate the PDF without the notes and upload again. It will then show up as a presentation.

 For better understanding of how a presentation with notes would display as a document, please view this example

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