FAQs/Email and Notifications

How do I manage my email notifications?

Manya Mohan September 14, 2009

You can setup or edit email notifications by following the steps below:   

  1. Log in to SlideShare
  2. Go to the drop down menu on the top right of every page and select Account Settings
  3. Click on Email in the menu on the left
  4. Under Set Email Preferences, check/uncheck the settings as desired and click Save.

You can set the following email preferences for the following notifications:

  • When someone likes my SlideShare
  • When someone comments on my SlideShare
  • When someone I follow uploads SlideShare
  • When someone follows me
  • When I upload SlideShares
  • When I download SlideShares
  • When my SlideShare is featured on the SlideShare homepage
  • With my SlideShare statistics
  • With SlideShares I find useful
  • For marketing campaigns
  • When a lead is captured
  • For SlideShares bi-weekly newsletter
  • For new product/releases updates

How do I ensure I get all emails from SlideShare without any problems?

To ensure that you receive all emails from SlideShare, you will want to white-list (add to your address book) the following email addresses:


If you are part of a large corporation, you may want to contact your IT department and make sure they do not block these email addresses or domains.

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